What is the difference between the "Framed" & "Non-Framed" Acoustic Panels?

We get asked often about more information highlighting the differentiations between framed and non-framed acoustic panels. 

To simplify things - the two main differences to be noted are:

  • Cost  (there is a lot more involved in the manufacturing processes)
  • Aesthetics  (there is a very nice appeal created by the custom exterior framing) 


Note in the breakdown below the only major structural difference between the two is the "Custom Stained Exterior Frame" layer. 



This means that both framed and non-framed panels boast the same absorption data: 

Manufacturing Process Difference

The process of creating the custom exterior framed panels truly is a labor of love. With all of the angles and cuts it can be quite tedious! Before the art of the framing process can even begin there is additional preparation to be done to the woodwork. Every board is stained by hand and then needs to be cured out (a process that can take 1-3 days) before it is ready to be used as a frame on an acoustic panel. 
The curing process allows the wood to "dry out" again & prevents the upholstery from getting scuffed or marked and getting ruined during the framing process ((especially on our lighter colors)). This typically adds some additional turn around time for the completion of an order consisting of custom framed panels, bass traps or ceiling baffles. 

Here are a few examples of real world comparison shots:  

Standard (Non- Framed):  (Color - Hunter Green)
Custom Framed: (Color - Hunter Green & Special Walnut)
(Standard) Non- Framed:  (Color - Cool Red)
Custom Framed: (Color - Cool Red & Red Mahogany)

Custom Framed: (Color - Steel Grey & Special Walnut)

(Standard) Non- Framed:  (Color - White)

No matter which variation you decide upon we will provide free shipping on any order under $1000.00 and any necessary installation hardware clips for every panel in your order!
Thank you again for your interest in what we do! We hope to help you sound and look good for years to come! 

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