Elevate your sound environment with our innovative hybrid sound panels. Crafted meticulously in North Carolina, Acoustifusers combine premium broadband absorption with wooden slat QRD diffusers for exceptional sound control.

Our methodically designed Acoustifuser panels feature strategically placed openings, allowing for accurate sound absorption and diffusion to occur in unison. This unique design enables sound waves to pass through for absorption while diffusing standing waves evenly throughout your space. Acoustifuser Panels aid in correcting audio phase issues caused by room shape, minimizing any excessive peaks and nulls for accurate sound representation.

Acoustifuser Panels add a unique aesthetic value to your space, meticulously hand crafted on a per-order basis to premium furniture-grade quality standards. Each panel measures 4ft x 2ft x 7in weighing almost 40lbs, ensuring substantial sound control. Our flagship Acoustifuser panels come with FREE custom mounting cleats pre-installed for secure installation, saving you time and ensuring proper easy mounting.

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