Kennel / Boarding Rooms

Acoustically Treating A Kennel / Animal Boarding Room 

Excessive reverberation from barking in a kennel can actually cause your k9 friends to bark more. Most kennels are built with absolutely no thought given to room acoustics. This excessive noise will cause stress to the dogs and employees alike. Acoustically treating your kennel will have a profound impact on the animals comfort while boarding there. This will also increase the perceived value of the kennel as it shows your facility truely cares about the animals and employees well being. This will also help animals that are recovering from surgical procedures heal faster. Countless studies prove this to be true in humans. Here is an example:
When installing acoustic panels in a kennel the placement locations are not of extreme importance. The sound absorption panels will do a good job of absorbing the excessive noise regardless of the position in the room. However, there are some important things to take into consideration. We do not recommend placing them where your furry friends could use them as a chew toy or even a fancy potty. So a relatively high placement is usually recommend (away from access by any animals) Acoustic ceiling baffles are also an excellent choice to keep the noise down without using wall space.

How much treatment do you need for your kennel space? 

When it comes to acoustically treating a kennel there are 3 main factors to consider. Functionality, esthetics and budget. Lets cover each one.  

Functionality: You are going to need enough acoustical treatments to make sure you are changing the sonic environment in you kennel space. We recommend at minimum 15% room coverage. To calculate this simply multiply the square footage (length x width) dimensions of the room by .15 

The resulting number is how many square feet (sq/ft) of acoustical treatments you will need to achieve a beneficial change in the rooms acoustical properties. 

Esthetics: Since your restaurant is going to be seen by lots of people you are going to want to make sure wherever you install your treatments looks good. Sometimes walls aren't the best option for placing your panels because of decor or the interior design. If this is the case, installing acoustic ceiling baffles is a great solution. Diffusion is also a great looking option to treating your restaurant and creating a nice ambiance in your space. 

Budget: Last but not least, consider your budget. Any acoustical treatments can improve the perceived sonic quality and your customers satisfaction. The key is to get as close to the minimum coverage requirements as possible. If that is not a possibility then you can install the treatments that are within your budget. Then add more treatments down the road if necessary. There is no problem in doing this and is how lots of people approach treating their spaces. 

Note: Remember that you need to account for the ceiling height when determining your rooms requirements. The previous equation is for spaces that have an 8ft-10ft ceilings. So for every extra 8ft increase in height, your treatment requirements double. If you have a 16ft ceiling multiply the final number by (2). If you have a 24ft ceiling multiply your final number by (3). This will ensure that your kennel space is getting adequate coverage. 
If you have any questions about calculating the requirements for your particular space please fill out our FREE ROOM ANALYSIS FORM. You can also send any photos of your room to Or you can call us to discuss your rooms requirements between 9am-9pm et. @ (336) 684-0287
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