Column Slat Diffuser Pair - RED MAHOGANY

Column Slat Diffuser Pair - RED MAHOGANY

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Create a beautiful ambiance while enhancing the acoustical properties of your space with our exclusive column slat diffusion panels.

These panels are mathematically designed to treat and control reverberation, flutter echoes and harsh frequencies without decreasing acoustical energy within a room.

Perfect for recording studios, live rooms, music rooms, rehearsal spaces, etc.


  • 4ft x 12in x (4in,3in2in1in depths)
  • Frequency Coefficient Range - 848hz - 4520hz 

One diffuser is designed using an "IN WAVE" method (which decreases well depths towards the center) The other diffuser is designed using an "OUT WAVE" method (which increases well depth towards the center)

The alternating design helps to maximize diffusion and mimics the natural bell curve of a sound wave!

Each diffuser is hand stained and sanded to create a nice smooth finish on the woodwork. They are a beautiful addition to any studio space or live room. Especially if you already have (or are planning to install) absorption panels. They will sonically and visually complement one another very well.

If you have additional questions about how you can achieve the best acoustical environment for your room -or- if you have questions about this particular product feel free to contact us!



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