Z-Clip Hanging Clips

Next Generation Acoustics

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Z-Clip hanging clips are used when a "floating" effect is desired when installing acoustic panels.

Two Z-Clips is the minimum about required to hang an acoustic panel- although we highly recommend using 4 clips per panel. (2 for the wall, 2 for the backside of your panel/diffuser) This will ensure that your panel is properly secured and will remain level over time. 

Ideally, installation using this method requires each clip's placement to marked and leveled before hanging up your panel. Although this is a very popular and cost effective choice for installing your panels, there are various pros and cons to this installation method.   


5 Steps to installing Acoustic Panels using the Z-Clip method

  • Pre-Install the Z-Clips to a desired location on backside frame of the panel.
  • Mark and level the spot on your wall/desired surface where you are hanging the panel. 
  • Install the Z-Clips onto your marked spots on your wall/desired surface. 
  • Make sure each Z-Clip's distance apart on the wall is identical to each Z-clip's distance apart on the backside frame of the panel.
  • Secure the panel frame to the wall.